With the end of 2017, it is time to take stock.

The 2017 will be remembered for its early harvest, but the hills of the Langhe lived up to expectations.

Keeping the Piedmontese vignerons awake at night were first the spring frosts, followed by a hot, dry summer. It seemed as if the lack of rainfall would bring everyone to their knees. However, although the difficult weather meant that the harvest was the earliest in Piedmont for ten years, the results were excellent, beyond all expectations.

Vendemmia 2017 nelle Langhe

Though yields may have been down, the same cannot be said of the quality: the legacy of the 2017 vintage will be rich, fresh and fruity wines, thanks to the excellent phenological ripening of the grapes.

Quality is meeting the needs of customers and exceeding their expectations by continuing to improve.
William Edwards Deming

With its more than 500 members, including the Josetta Saffirio winery, the Consorzio di Tutela Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Dogliani focused on the quality of the harvest, holding back on the scaremongering generated by an unstable 2017 in terms of climate.

The Consortium is a body that brings producers together, coordinating common activities and organizing shared participation in events such as fairs, tastings and official occasions.

The data provided are an indication of incontrovertible growth in terms of image and quality: Barolo recorded +6% in bottled wine compared to the previous year, while Nebbiolo has consolidated the success of 2016.

The wines of the Langhe continue their growing success on the international markets, and their story must be seen as a further incentive to preserve this heritage.

Given Barolo’s great competitiveness on the market as it continues to achieve record vintages, the Consortium has asked the Piedmont Regional authority to increase the surface area dedicated to the growing of Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo wine by authorizing 30 hectares of new vineyards.

The great wines of the Langhe are supporting Italy like never before in its pursuit of the world record in wine production.


So 2017 takes its leave by treating us to wines showing great promise, and confirming once more the aptitude and spirit of adaptability of viticulture in the hills of the Langhe.