Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and as ever, so is the dilemma of how to celebrate it. If you’re wine lovers why not quench your partner’s passion with a wine-related gift?

A romantic supper never goes out of style but dreaming up something more original and personal could be a way of sharing a surprise.

Here then, are six suggestions for Valentine surprises: romantic ideas, from do-it-yourself objects to sensual experiences to share together.


1. Give an experience that joins wine with love

The answer could be in…your nose! It’s really true: of our five senses the sense of smell is perhaps best able to put us in contact with the most intimate part of ourselves. The path between scent and the sensory processing of it in the cerebral cortex, is quite direct: breathe in and spark emotions. Noses are a kind of magic portal… a window on the world–a connection with the atmosphere outside. A secret connection, because scent directly stimulates our olfactory nerve.

Think about Valentine’s Day–what perfume would it have?

Cantina Josetta Saffirio in Monforte d’Alba, Saturday 16 February, opens its doors from 14.30 for a day dedicated to lovers.
While away two hours with guided visits and wine tastings paired with romantic tidbits.

And to make the proceedings even more effervescent, each couple will be invited to take part in a blindfolded quiz to playfully test the finesse of their tasting and smelling skills.

It could be a really heartfelt experience, just right to celebrate Valentine’s.

Come and discover the winemaking and barrel cellars, where our wines mature in silence. Be entranced by the aroma of new wine and the allure of Nebbiolo.
See details here

You can even take part in the Cantina Josetta Saffirio social media posts. Take a photo that best expresses the meaning of ‘wine and love’ for you, post it on Instagram and tag the estate.
Here are the rules

valentine's day for wine lovers

2. I’ll tell you with my heart and a handmade gift

What could be a better surprise for our wine lover partners than a handmade, wine-themed gift?
Throughout the year any occasion is a good one to uncork a bottle of wine. How many corks have you got at home? How about using them to make fun and original objects?

Given that it’s Valentine’s Day, my suggestion is to make a heart out of corks, an original gift–fun to make and a surprise to receive, because everybody knows that handmade presents are the ones that are the most appreciated.

It’s easy to make–you need just enough glue to stick the corks in the form of a heart. Use a photo for more inspiration–there are loads online; when the glue is dry, spray paint it in your preferred colour, or leave it natural.

A do-it-yourself present that you can combine with a bottle of your partner’s preferred wine.

regali fai da te san valentino

3. Give the opportunity to relax at home, any time you want

If we don’t sip good wine together in a hot bath on the most romantic day of the year, like in every romantic comedy, then when shall we ever do it?

Too often we deem it uncomfortable or impractical and consign it to our imagination. But now you can make it real with these fantastic trays for the bathtub.

It’s a practical solution the width of your bathtub and where you can keep books, glasses, candles or whatever else you like within easy reach and make every bathroom special.
For those of you who are creative and like making things here’s a do-it-yourself project in wood, which you can personalise. Online there are lots of ideas for inspiration and where you can also buy them ready made.
It’s a great present to rekindle your romance.
Adorn your tub with candles and perfumed bath salts, choose a great wine and make this Valentine’s evening unforgettable.

idea regalo san valentino relax di coppia

4. Corkscrews that don’t remove corks for unforgettable suppers

Often when we dine tête-à-tête we don’t pair a different wine with every dish to avoid opening too many bottles of wine.
The CoravinTM system comes to the rescue, allowing you to taste wine without removing the cork.

It’s no joke! Here’s how it works:
it drills a hole in the cork allowing you to pour some wine and then it injects argon gas into the bottle and so preserves the remainder for more than 30 days. You can buy it online or in housewares shops that specialise in wine-related accessories.
So on Valentine’s Day you can surprise your partner with a great dinner and a selection of special wines from the Langhe, without having to worry about waste, since Coravin will keep them fresh.

A special present that promises delicious dinners paired with just the right wines.

regali di san valentino per amanti del vino

5. The nectar of love

Give a bottle of wine, preferably Valentine red, as precious as the object of our affections. Nothing could be a better surprise for wine lovers, because the things we love never go out of style.

If you’ve decided to give a bottle of wine as a Valentine’s gift this year, make it even more precious and unique: choose a bottle of Barolo DOCG Persiera, a prestigious Langhe wine.
Its garnet red colour and intense, unmistakeable perfume distinguish this wine, also unique for its handwritten label with a poetic phrase chosen by you.

Give vent to your powers of expression and write a line of love poetry. Or be inspired by the words of great writers, thinkers or poets who have been able to describe the fascination of wine.

Wine readies the heart
and urges it to passion.
Ovid (43 a.C. – 17 d.C.)

vino barolo persiera docg

6. Adopt a row of vines

Another enchanting Valentine’s idea for any wine lover tempted to try their own hand at winegrowing could be that of  adopt a row of vines.

This choice of gift could well symbolise the course of love: caring for one another each day with passion and dedication, to be repaid with a strong relationship that gives joy and intimacy.
In the same way, a row of vines repays with a unique and prestigious Barolo after a lengthy wait, because it is the fruit of continuous and passionate labour.

And more than Barolo, it will be YOUR Barolo.